XERAFY operates in the aerospace, Tool Tracking, Manufacturing, Automated Inventory, Data Centers, Healthcare, Oil & Gas

Thanks to our collaboration with XERAFY we can provide quality solutions in the field of industrial IoT.

In particular, the main areas of application are: the aerospace, oil and gas industry, the manufacturing industry and finally the public utility and health.

Tool Tracking With RFID Systems

Tool tracking plays its role in mission-critical operations where effective tool inventory management and accountability are key to actively preventing FOD incidents and promoting time savings, such as aviation, rail, defense, nuclear, manufacturing, and construction.

A tool tracking system automates all tool inventory management procedures by using wireless tags and RFID readers, with the option to deploy smart tool storage such as an RFID toolbox and customized tool crib software,  to identify, track and control tools in real-time throughout their workflow and lifecycle. MORE

RFID For Manufacturing And Industrial Processes

RFID for Manufacturing enhances asset availability and data collection in even the most difficult industrial processes, including cataphoresis, cleaning, degreasing, galvanizing, sandblasting, composites, injection molding, die casting, machining, and 3D printing.

RFID tags for Manufacturing are being used beyond the supply chain to enable tracking parts and managing assets using rugged industrial RFID tagsRFID readers, and sensors designed to gather the data that production systems require.

RFID has long been used in business operations to help with intralogistics inventory management and create greater transparency. While outdated production systems still rely on paperwork and spreadsheets, others have experimented with barcodes only to discover their limitations in terms of scalability and automation. SEE MORE

RFID Inventory Systems

When it comes to warehouse and production environments, RFID systems help automate workflows, procedures and data collection.

The technology for Automated Inventory provides an effective solution to manage the inventory flow and information across the warehouse, production, and shipment, for better inventory management and purchasing decisions.

Supply chains span the globe, multiplying the number of stakeholders and adding to the overall complexity of inventory management.

Production, on the other hand, relies on complex procedures and systems (WMS, ERP, Supply Chain Management, etc.).

RFID makes a difference by functioning at high speeds and capacities while allowing for automated tracking, identification, and tracing down to item-level. SEE MORE

RFID For Oil And Gas Asset Tracking

Oil and Gas asset tracking has successfully integrated RFID technology into drilling, completion, and production, to drive safety, reduce non-productive downtime, enhance operational efficiencies, and extend asset lifecycles.

Using Radio Frequency technology for asset tracking in the Oil and Gas industry calls for systems to be ruggedized to ensure they deliver under extreme temperatures, pressure, corrosion, vibrations, shocks when operating downhole, subsea, and on the surface.

Select components are available to build on, that have been qualified in the field by leading industry players: Rugged embedded RFID tags, agile readers, and interoperable tracking software. SEE MORE

IT Asset Tracking With RFID

RFID systems are used in IT asset tracking for data centers and enterprises to automate the quality of service, security, and compliance that are crucial to their operations.

RFID technology enables automation in Data Centers management, meaning less overhead and more margins for enterprises and cloud companies alike.

On the other hand, IT vendors employ RFID source-tagging to move toward a Hardware-As-A-Service model, where they manage their own gear on behalf of their customers. SEE MORE

RFID For Healthcare

Asset tracking in hospitals has a direct impact on patient care.

An RFID hospital equipment tracking system provides the last-known or even real-time location of a piece of equipment, using Real-Time Location System (RTLS) built on passive UHF RFID to provide cost-effective healthcare asset management solutions. 

Contactless tracking and automated operation are two additional advantages of RFID for healthcare, especially when compared to barcode-based solutions.

Automated asset tracking saves hospitals time and helps them avoid unnecessary purchases to replace hard-to-locate equipment.

With inventories of hundreds of pieces of equipment across large facilities nurses waste precious time searching for a wheelchair or IV pump, or surgeries may be delayed because a critical piece of equipment can’t be found. SEE MORE


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