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IoT  (Internet of Things)

HID Global is a pioneer of securely connecting manufacturing and facilities equipment, medical devices, inventory, and many other physical assets to local and web-based business applications using identification and sensing technology.

For decades, RFID transponders have been used across numerous industries to simplify inventory management and tracking and automate operational processes.

HID Global’s visionary solutions continue to fuel limitless opportunities for partners and users; adding trust and security to enable novel Internet of Things (IoT) applications as part of HID Global’s commitment to innovation in a rapidly growing market.

Bluzone SaaS (Software as a Service) Capabilities

While everyone talks about their “Cloud Architecture”, the reality is that most cloud solutions act as nothing more than a data repository.

The Bluzone Cloud is the only SaaS infrastructure to bring together beacon fleet management with a robust workflow/event management engine, smart algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights, custom policies and ease of integration.

Fleet Management:

Bluzone is the only cloud solution that enables fleet management in large scale environments. Enterprises that are deploying thousands of beacons and/or tracking thousands of assets face two essential challenges:

1. They require the capabilities to monitor not just the asset, but the beacon itself. Is the beacon operating; what is the battery level; is the beacon where it should be

2. Once the beacon is deployed in the field, they still need to be able to easily update capabilities and firmware. Bluzone ensures that these challenges are easy to overcome.

Event Management:

Bluzone provides actionable data on assets and the events associated with assets like – condition, location, telemetry data, queue counting, people counting, etc.

All of this, in real-time so you are able to act on this information right away reducing lost capacity, optimizing workforce and workflow, or enriching customer experience depending on the scenario.

Workflow Management:

Now that you have access into that level of granularity of data, what do you do with it?

This is an important distinguishing factor of Bluzone.

As Bluzone allows you to set user-defined policies and receive alerts when these policies are breached or reached.

This allows you to stream workflows and prioritize events that need immediate attention, like reducing lost capacity or acting on an asset that has changed location (when it wasn’t supposed to.)

Content Management System:

Our CMS (Content Management System) solution, Proximity5, lets you create, design and manage hierarchical campaigns so you can target multiple customer segments at the same time.

Our cloud-based CMS was built for scalability allowing the remote management of beacons worldwide.

Further, you can manage all your beacon content in one place, trigger mobile notifications, web views, external links, videos, offers, and custom templates based on the mobile devices’ proximity to beacons.

Our proximity marketing solution supports Eddystone, iBeacon and sBeacon simultaneously so you can reach a larger audience at the same time. It also allows you to quickly setup and deploy thousands of beacons across multiple native applications, locations, and campaigns

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