Card printers

Card printers are used for the production of standard ISO format cards with logos, images and texts.

They divide into two categories:
1. Direct printer also known as thermal printer
2. Indirect printer also known as retransfer printer

The direct printer print  directly on the thermographic technique card, via a head and a so -called ribbon, ink tape.

The color ribbon is made up of various colorful panels: Yellow, Magenta and Ciano. The combination of these panels forms a color image that is transferred directly to the card.

Therefore, the direct printing is fine for PVC or contact or contactless cards where the surface is perfectly flat, otherwise it produces defects due to the imperfection of the surface.

While, the indirect printer has no quality problems. It operates indirectly as the press is carried out on a film called Retransfer and subsequently hot glued on the card.

In conclusion, indirect printers cost one more but they do not fear comparisons in terms of quality.

The treated brands are Fargo, Evolis, Entrust, Zebra, Matica, Dascom.

Some, as well as printing images and/or texts, can simultaneously codify the chip.

Either with contact chips (contact chip) or without contact (contactless).

The same goes for the coding of the magnetic band, but it has almost gone in disuse as the magnetic band allows you to insert only a few data and in any case they are easily vulnerable.

If the card must report variable data, it is advisable to use a management software that simplifies production. We recommend the Cardpresso or Asure ID software software.

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