ACR122 NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader Software Development Kit

The ACR122 NFC reader is the world’s first NFC reader compliant to CCID (Chip Card Interface Device) Specification. It is designed to support not only MiFare and ISO14443 Type A and B Cards but also FeliCa and NFC tags.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) for the ACR122 NFC Reader is also available. This complete SDK comes with sample codes written in different programming language, namely, Delphi 7, Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ 2005 (x64), Visual C# 2005, and Visual Basic .Net 2005. These sample codes show the different capabilities of the ACR122 and showcases how to control the ACR122 Peripherals and how to communicate to a contactless tag.

The ACR122 NFC Reader SDK also contains tools and utilities that enable the user to perform reader and card-related operations. Finally, user manuals and reference materials are also provided to help the user in making smart-card applications with the ACR122.

ACR122 SDK Contents:

ACR122 NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader
* USB Full Speed (12 Mbps)
* Bi-Color LED
* Built-in Antenna
* NFC Reader

* ISO/IEC18092 (NFC) compliant
* NFC Tags Access Speed = 424 kbps

* Contactless Smart Card Reader:

* Support FeliCa Card
* Supports NFC Tags (Topaz)
* Support ISO 14443 Type A & B cards
- MIFARE® cards (Classics, DESFire)

* PC/SC and CCID Compliant
* CE and FCC Certificated
* RoHS Compliant

5 Test Cards
* 5 1K Mifare Contactless Cards

* Software drivers

* Supports Win2000, Win2003, Win XP , Win Vista (x86 & x 64)

* Tools & Utilities

* PCSC CardTool - tests the protocol transfer between the reader and the PC
* QuickView - checks for proper driver installation
* Scripting Tool allows you to send a sequence of smart card commands to your CPU cards.

* Sample codes

* Used to demonstrate basic commands used to communicate with the cards and readers
* Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, Delphi, Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET

* Reference Manuals
* Technical Specifications

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