SIMmate2 - Backup your phonebook and SMS data

With this application, you can easily create, edit, and backup phone book entries and short messages using your PC. You can manage your PIN codes and transfer data from one SIM to another on your desktop or portable computer. This eliminates the hassle of keying in information through the phone's keypad, and at the same time, provides the user with a convenient way to backup phone book and short messages information. These data can also be exported to other database/spreadsheet programs, as well as single-click global phone number correction/internationalization.

The SIMmate2 Software is currently available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
SIMmate2 features:

* Edit SIM phone book
* Backup SIM phone book
* Compose and achieve short message
* Access built-in common short message
* Manage SIM card PIN codes
* Append global phone numbers
* Supported languages:

* Traditional Chinese (Chinese Big5)
* Simplified Chinese (Chinese GB)
* English


* ACR38T Plug-in smart card reader
* SIMmate2 CD-ROM (with user guide included)

Technical Specifications:

* IBM-Compatible Personal Computer with Intel 500 Processor or higher
* Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
* Minimum 128MB RAM
* Minimum 10MB free hard disk space
* Available USB port


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