H880 Secure Smart Card Terminal

The new eH880 is a secure and feature-rich secure smart card terminal dedicated to the global electronic healthcare (eHealth) and other markets. This innovative device is capable of facilitating secure mutual authentication (e.g. between a doctor’s and patient’s card), displaying detailed multi-layered information from one or both cards based on embedded access rights, and facilitating transactions through both private and public network infrastructures.

The industry defining eH880 specifications include a dual smart card interface, contactless card reader module, USB and RS232 connectivity, integrated TCP/IP networking support, multiple SAM slots, a 128x64 high resolution 2.3 inch black and white graphical LCD, a durable user friendly 20-button keypad, multiple bi-colored status LEDs, a highly effective audible speaker, and a real-time onboard clock.

Supporting Secure PIN Entry (SPE), every PIN code is entered securely on the PIN pad of the device and thus never exposed to the vulnerable PC or workstation. It can successfully eliminate the possibility that a Virus/Trojan or USB Sniffer gets hold of the PIN!

This highly efficient tool can also host additional features like high speed WiFi access and optional biometric fingerprint sensor, which provide unmatched usability and compatibility within any current or future eHealth system. Most importantly, eH880 firmware can be easily updated, virtually making the eH880 future proof.

 eH880 Secure Smart Card Terminal standard features:

* 32-Bit ARM 9 Processor running Embedded Linux
* 32MB Flash and 32MB SDRAM Memory
* Dual Operation Modes (PC-Linked/Standalone)
* Dual Interface Reader (Contact and Contactless)
* USB Full Speed/Serial/Ethernet Interface
* 2 Full-Size Contact Card Slots (Landing Connector)
* 2 SAM-Size Card Slots (Contact Connector)
* Firmware Upgradeable
* Easy-to-Read, High Resolution Backlit LCD
* Highly Durable Chemical Resistant 20-Button Keypad
* 4 LED Status Indicators
* Built-in Speaker
* Tamper Detection Switch to Protect Against Unauthorized Intrusion
* Real-Time Clock (RTC) with Independent Backup Battery
* Support Secure PIN Entry (SPE)
* Support PPS (Protocol And Parameters Selection) with 9,600—230,400 Bps In Reading and Writing Smart Cards
* (Optional) Built-in Fingerprint Sensor
* (Optional) Wifi
* (Optional) Color LCD
* (Optional) Internal Microphone

 Typical applications:

* Electronic Healthcare – medical identification, digital signatures, digital prescriptions, patient history, billing
* Electronic Government
* Secure Electronic Payment
* Customer Loyalty
* Secure Home-banking
* Time and Attendance

 Technical Specifications:

Dimensions 164.00mm (L) x 180.00mm (W) x 88.00mm (H)
Weight 1kg
Processor 32-bit Arm processor running embedded Linux 2.6
Memory 32MB flash + 32MB SDRAM
* USB Full Speed Host and Client
* Serial RS232
* Ethernet interface to PC
Supply Voltage + 12V maximum 1A from external power adapter
Supply Current max. 50mA
CLK Frequency 4 MHz
Certifications/Compliances USB Full Speed, EMV Level 1, ISO-7816, ISO-14443, PC/SC, Mircosoft WHQL, CE, FCC, RoHS Compliant
Operating System Support Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME

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