Balance Readers

ACS supplies a wide range of balance readers (value checkers) to suit various applications. Our experienced engineers produce software and hardware in-house in which they can deliver in a short lead-time. These portable devices can be configured for different applications such as simple balance checking, currency conversion, viewing transaction records, and identity verification, campus environment (class attendance, Library record, etc.), and more. Our balance readers can also easily be customized to satisfy customer requirement (type of cards to be read, functions of the reader, color, casing, etc.).

ABR balance reader can be used to check the balance on your electronic purse card (e.g. Visa Cash, Mondex, Gemplus cash card, prepaid payphone card (Eurochip 4436), and ePark card. You can also view the latest transactions on your card and use it to show the user information such as name and contact number.

Balance Reader standard features:

* Key-chain, pocket-sized
* Stylish casing design
* Choice of 8 or 10 digit LCD
* Long lasting battery
* Optional front button (ABR08LS only)
* Automatic display upon card insertion
* Support multiple information display
* Optional function to record and display previous transactions
* Supports memory and/or microcontroller cards as required by customers [Gemplus cash card, Mondex, Payphone T2G, Eurochip 4436, Visa Cash, Proton, Mondex, etc. (other on request)].

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions ABR08LS : 72.3mm (L) x 42.3mm (W) x 12.5mm (H)
ABR10RS : 72.0mm (L) x 31.0mm (W) x 12.0mm (H)

LCD display ABR08LS : 8-digit display (numeric)
ABR10RS : 10-digit display (10 alphanumeric)

Power Supply 2 pieces of 3V lithium batteries connected in series replaceable
Expected life time ~ 1 year (assuming 5 checking per day)
Card connector Sliding contacts
Color To be defined
Operating Temperature 0-50oC
Humidity 40-80%
Customization Logo printing
Number of display digits
Alphanumeric display
Casing color
Casing design
Language supported
Types of cards supported


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